September 25, 2013

Lily :: One Year Old

Last week, we did a lot of celebrating. Lots of singing, lots of cake eating, lots of friends and family showering love down on this little person. It has been hard to sit down and write about Lily turning one. It's a real transitional time for her, and for us as a family. I still call her "baby girl", but she's more of a toddler now (my weekly Babycenter emails tell me so). She walks, she babbles, she has an attitude, she willingly hugs Sean and I. She is feeding herself and no longer drinking from bottles. She formed an attachment to a stuffed animal and is falling asleep clinging to it rather than falling asleep in my arms at the tail end of a bottle.

Lily, you are so much fun. You make each day brighter. I love being your mama and am so excited for a new year of adventures, trying new foods, going on our first vacation, and watching you blossom even more. I love your spunky, firecracker personality. I love that you reach up for us to pick you up now, and hug our legs, and cling to our necks when we're holding you. I love that when I pat your back at night, rocking you to sleep, I sometimes feel the soft pat you your hand to my back.

You now have 4 teeth, and you rounded out your first year with two single ear infections, one double ear infection, one ER visit, a quite a few colds. Your hair is coming in thicker and thicker, and it's a beautiful blondish auburn to compliment your blueberry eyes and pale skin. The back of your head is growing in curly, like a little duck butt.

You are testing your own limits, as well as ours. You are looking for our reaction, whether we react at all, or laugh. You love making us laugh and will do silly things if we keep laughing. You are also starting to mimic motions, facial expressions, and sounds, so we need to start making sure we're on our best behavior!

It's been a heck of a year - a real adventure. We've learned a lot, about ourselves, each other, and who this little girl is becoming, day by day. There have been numerous challenges, joys, and a lot of laughter and tears. I wouldn't trade our family for anything. I've felt more love in my life squeezed into this past year than ever before. It's awesome. Cliche, but awesome.

And anyways, I like cliches.