July 16, 2013

lily :: 10 months

You are 10 months old now. I see the baby disappearing daily, and the toddler emerging. It's exciting and sad and scary and fun...all these emotions I've explored and experienced over the past 10 months of watching you grow, they become stronger and more raw.

You continue to draw people in everywhere we go. People stop in restaurants and parking lots and the grocery store and stare at you and smile and coo. You seem to bring a little slice of joy to these strangers' days. Your smile is infectious. Your eyes are enchanting.
You are big on giggling now, whether you're playing peekaboo, funny faces and voices, amusing yourself with your toys or trying to rip apart our faces with your tiny dagger fingernails. I love the sound of your laugh. It's music to the ears.

You are growing a bit wary of strangers. You definitely have your shy moments where you snuggle into me or your daddy. Sometimes it's out of shyness, and sometimes it seems like a coy little game, because you smiles and look away, but then turn back and flash a huge grin. I love how friendly you are, but I also love that I feel like I am helping you feel safe and protected and a source of comfort in my arms.
You are getting more steady on your feet. You don't like to have your hands held to practice walking, and you sit your butt right down, but you are happy to cruise along holding onto furniture. And your usual crawling consists of walking on your hands and feet, not your knees. It's freaking adorable.

This month we celebrated Father's Day and Daddy's birthday. We traveled home to visit family. You finally met Auntie Di and we had a fun sleepover at Great-Gram's house. We also went to see Nana, and you put a big smile on her face. She wasn't feeling well, and it seemed like seeing you helped her feel a lot better. You have that effect on people. You just make people feel better. I know your dad and I feel that way after a bad day at work. It melts away the second we walk through the door and you spot us and smile.

You had your first dip in Grandma and Papa T's pool last week! You splashed your arms and kicked your legs and really loved being in the water.

I started planning your first birthday, which seems crazy, but it's sneaking up on us! Only one more of these monthly updates and then the next will be 1 year! I know I always say it, but time seems to be going so fast. I am so proud of the tiny, curious, funny little girl you are.

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