April 30, 2013

favorites :: cheery color

Standing in front of my closet this morning, I realized that for a person who loves color, I have a very muted wardrobe. Lots of navy blue and charcoal gray, and black. I have a few colorful pieces (including a bright yellow cardi that was an impulse buy and I wear it on rainy dark days), but most of my color is brought into my wardrobe with accessories; fun jewelry, scarves or shoes are a really easy way to brighten up an outfit. I don't consider myself to be a fashion guru at all, but I am finding that this is my preferred style, and it works well for me.

In the spirit of fun accessories, here are some cheery things I've been eyeing this week.

Floral Botanical Resin Bangles, $26 on Etsy
Coral and Teal Boubeads, $35 on Etsy
Ivanka Trump Pinkish Floral Pump, $125 on Piperlime
Floral Painting Scarf, $14.99 at World Market

April 28, 2013

writing :: one word

 The beautiful thing about writing is I can write whatever I want, whenever I want. Sometimes I feel like I get in the habit of writing things I think I should write about here, rather than what I want to write about. So tonight I'm exercising my brain a bit here, clearing my brain of the daily spouting off of where we went and what we saw. There's a website called, and it gives you a one word writing prompt and 60 seconds in which to write whatever you want that comes to mind with that word. So here's what's going on in my mind for 60 seconds.

one word :: clasp

Clasped hands. How often and where do you see them? In church. In prayer. Loved ones strolling through the park. A parent and child crossing the street. What is the significance? I think it's security. Comfort. A way of feeling like you're not alone in the world.

April 17, 2013

lily :: 7 months

Sweet Lil,

You are 7 months old now. Somehow, 7 months have passed since you came out of my belly screaming and tiny. For 7 months we have been in awe of who you are, and who you are becoming. For 7 months I have had this pit in my stomach because I have never felt so much love in my being, and it terrifies me. For 7 months you have made us laugh, and cry, and then laugh some more. You light up the faces of strangers. You impress everyone who meets you.

You are an amazing little person.

I keep saying "I love this baby stage the best!" because each month there's something new and more awesome than before. Your personality is blossoming by the day. You are funny. You are curious. You are playful. You are joyful. You are snuggly. You are a little sassy.

You know who your daddy and I are and when someone else is holding you, you look for us. Know that we're always close by. If not physically, we're always thinking of you. It stinks to have to spend days away from you, but we're seeing how wonderfully you're doing being around other kids. You seem fearless and love people. You cried for the first time last week on a daycare drop off, and it threw me for a loop. That was the hardest morning in 4 months of dropping you off for me to hug you, kiss your cheek, and leave you to go to work. I hope this separation anxiety doesn't last long. As many things are, it's worse for me than for you.

My fearless girl... You are not dainty and fragile. You love being tossed in the air and swung around. You giggle a lot. Your giggle is like music to my ears. I will do anything to make you laugh.You love sitting in our laps, holding our hands and being leaned waaaaaaay back, then swooped back up. You grin that crooked, wide open mouthed grin and squeal. We have taken you for a few runs in the jogging stroller, and some "off-road" hikes in the woods, and you laugh whenever we go over rocks or sticks. It's like you already know that life is an adventure to be enjoyed with every inch of your being.

We are getting through your first bout with teething. We were so nervous we were possibly neglecting an ear infection that we whooped with joy Sunday morning at the appearance of a sizable white spot under your lower gums. It really sucked seeing you so miserable. You're such a happy girl, that when you fuss, you fuss hard. We know it's really bothering you. We gave you Tylenol a couple times, and I held you extra long when you fell asleep in my arms after the rougher days. I kissed your cheeks and hoped the next day would be easier for you.

You love to eat. I love feeding you, but you very much want to feed yourself. You don't like store-bought purees. I don't blame you, they're gross. So we're making them at home. Spinach, sweet potato, green beans, bananas, mango, yogurt, small bits of toast, pancakes, french toast; you love them all. You paint your highchair with mashed avocado and think it's the best thing ever. I think you like making as big a mess as possible so you can spend more time in the bathtub, which is also something you love. You live big. you splash big, you laugh big, and your gorgeous blue eyes are always wide open, taking everything in.

This coming weekend, we're traveling to Boston. Our first real weekend away, staying at a hotel, having time as a family in a city we love. It's been a rough week for Boston, but I want to teach you all about it. It's a wonderful place full of wonderful things to see and do and people to meet. I hope you find as much joy in that city as I do. Something tells me you will.

Lil, the world can be a scary place at times. Things happen that don't make sense, and all I want to do is wrap you in my arms and form a barrier between the world and you. I want to keep you innocent and perfect and wide-eyed and wildly spirited. Being a mom is terrifying sometimes. I feel this paralyzing fear that my world would completely stop if anything ever happened to you. But I am trying to deal with those fears by watching the world through your eyes. Endless joy. Determination. Wanting to discover and finding happiness in simple things. I want to teach you so much, yet I find that more often than not, you're the one teaching me how to live.

I love you, kiddo. Thank you for this month's lessons.



April 15, 2013

boston :: it's a good place

I am heartbroken tonight. Boston is a place I call home. It's a good place, alive with the arts, hopelessly devoted sports fans, some of the brightest minds and highest achievers. It's full of people with heart. I went to college there for 4 years, and grew up 30 minutes south; I have always considered it home. You hope that nothing devastating or scary will ever happen to your home, where you feel safe, comfortable, where your people spend their days. Places you know, familiar events...You drive up 93 and the sight of the city puts a smile on your face.

It's a good place.

Marathon Monday has always been a celebrated day in Boston, when people from Boston and all over the world come together to celebrate freedom and diversity. It's Patriot's Day. People gather together to cheer each other on, for family, friends and complete strangers alike. It's a happy day.

Someone took that happiness away from my city today. It hurts.

How does this happen? How do you continue to believe there's good in the world when shit like this happens?

I saw a tweet that best sums it up.

The second week of my freshman year at Emmanuel College, we had the first anniversary of 9/11. I was spending the evening with some new friends, living in a new place with people I barely knew but somehow connected with very quickly. It felt like I was far from home, in another world. My whole future ahead of me, yet I felt like it was wrong to move forward. the hurt of the attack on our country was still fresh and we were still healing. We are still healing.

We didn't know what to do, but felt like we had to do more than sit around a dorm room in awkward silence. So we went out. We walked along The Fenway, behind the MFA and up Huntington, cutting through the reflecting pool and Prudential Center to Copley Square. There were lit candles outside the Boston Public Library, and some people gathered around. We joined them, all virtually strangers brought together by a need for comfort.  We all felt sad and lonely, needing to remembering and pay tribute to the lives lost in the horror the year before...we stood in a circle and held hands. Some friends, but many strangers, united. We shared where we were on 9/11, how we felt, how we feared. We sang songs and cried and prayed.

Boston is a good place, full of good people. We are passionate. We are loyal. We are givers and lovers and friends and strangers and we won't forget what happened today, but we also won't let it rule our lives. Because it's a good place. Full of good people. Let's hold each others hands, let's hold each other up, and let's keep going - together.

April 10, 2013

inspired :: geek chic weddings

I have decided that I would like to marry Sean over and over again so I can plan a different wedding each time. I am just kind of in love with some of the geek chic ideas I've been seeing lately in the wedding blogiverse. I have seen two that stick out the most in my mind right now, so Sean, let's start planning. What do you think....10 and 25 year vow renewals?

Through All of Space + Time :: Doctor Who Inspired Wedding (via Green Wedding Shoes)

via Green Wedding Shoes
via Green Wedding Shoes
via Green Wedding Shoes
via Green Wedding Shoes
via Green Wedding Shoes
The attention to detail is pretty amazing, but it's all cohesive and blends together. It's not in your face, but subtly pays homage to a wonderful television series. The bowtie, the scarf, the Van Gogh cake, the TARDIS inspired ceremony backdrop... I just love it all.

I encourage you to visit Green Wedding Shoes and watch the video. The wedding vows make my geeky heart ache.

Star Wars Wedding Inspiration (via Green Wedding Shoes)

star wars wedding
via Green Wedding Shoes
star wars wedding
via Green Wedding Shoes
star wars wedding
via Green Wedding Shoes
star wars wedding
via Green Wedding Shoes
 I am pretty much in love with the big chalkboard sign in that first picture.

"I love you."

" I know."

That just about sums up marriage, wouldn't you say?