August 29, 2012

Taking a Break

Friends, I am taking a break from my bumpdate this week. My heart is heavy with sadness that friends of mine lost their sweet baby boy at 20 weeks pregnant. It's hard to make sense of why bad things happen to amazing people, and how unfair life can seem. I ask that you send up a prayer, a good thought, a little love for this family in their time of loss. I cannot imagine what they've been through in the past few days, and they need all the love and support we can give.

It's a reminder to hug the babies and kids that you have, and be thankful for each day that you see their little faces. Bringing home a baby or even carrying to term is a dream that many people never get to experience. Honor those who have lost by loving your kids as much as you can every single day.

Sadly, it sometimes takes times like this to shake your world so hard and make you grateful for everything you have. We simply must make each day count.

Love you all, and sending the squishiest of hugs out into the world. 

August 22, 2012

Hump Day Bump Day :: 35 Weeks

Sean gave me this Batman shirt for our anniversary, 1 week after the positive pregnancy test.
Today is August 22...and I'm due September 22....

Commence freakout!

Just kidding. But seriously, just over 4 weeks to go, and I am pumped. I am excited to meet our girl, I'm excited to drink a beer, I'm excited to sleep on my back and stomach again. I feel pumped like a high school football player before a championship game - let's do this!

I know of quite a few September babies being born in August, so I am taking steps to be overly prepared in case we end up in labor and delivery earlier than expected. Sheets and blankets are washed, clothes are getting washed tonight, carseat is installed, hospital bag is mostly packed. Perhaps being overly prepared means I will go straight up to my due date? Pretty please?

I read a lot of "what to pack" lists to get ideas for what to bring to the hospital. I've had people tell me to bring next to nothing, and I've seen girls bring their entire houses practically. I know I am an overpacker, as I always like to be prepared (and I am a creature of comfort - give me my own pillow any day!), so here's what I've decided on bringing:

Labor Bag (large purse):
  • Bathrobe (to go over hospital gown)
  • Cheap non-slip socks
  • Slippers
  • Tennis ball (to massage back)
  • iPad loaded with music + charger
  • Sports bra (wear under gown)
  • Bag of Jolly Ranchers (since you can't "eat")
  • Chapstick
  • Camera + charger

Post-labor Bag (carry-on sized tote):
  • 1 pair of loose, black yoga pants
  • 2 nursing tanks
  • Flip flops & small towel (for shower)
  • Some granny panties I don't mind throwing away (in case I don't like the mesh ones they give you)
  • Hoodie or sweater
  • Toiletries (trial size, toss and go)
  • Snacks - Luna bars, Udi's muffin tops, water
  • Quarters for vending machines
  • Warm blanket from home
  • Boppy pillow
  • Nursing pads
  • Lansinoh
  • Headband + elastics

Baby's Bag (diaper bag):
  • 2 coming home outfits (size NB & 0-3, not sure which will fit)
  • 2 hats (to bring home for Loki to smell)
  • Soft, organic receiving blanket
  • Crocheted hat and blanket (to bundle up coming home)
  • Carseat (is in car)
  • Baby book
  • Pediatrician's info
  • 2 pacifiers
  • Change of clothes & toiletries for Sean
It sounds like a lot listed like that, but it's really not. I know the hospital provides certain things, but I like to be prepared with my own stuff just in case. And if we forget anything, we live really close to the hospital, so we should be fine. And at the end of the day, I know that Baby Girl will be clothed, fed, and will have somewhere to sleep - so we're ready!

I have reached the point where even my maternity clothes are feeling tighter and shorter and fitting poorly, so I am hoping to get through the next couple weeks as comfortably as possible. My wedding ring is beyond being able to be taken off, and I have a sinking feeling I will need to have it cut off in the next week or so now that my hands and feet are swelling a bit. I am really bummed out about this (it was snug to begin with before pregnancy), but I am confident we can find a jewler down here to make a nice clean cut and hopefully fix it post-baby.

Next week we have a growth ultrasound and then I start my weekly appointments, so I will have Baby Girl's last "inside picture" to share before she's an outside baby.

Woo! Go team! If I weren't 35.5 weeks pregnant, I'd do one of those fancy jumps that cheerleaders do.

August 17, 2012

Friday Funnies

This is what happens when you make your husband stand in for you so you can set up the shot you'd like him to get of you, and he thinks it would be hilarious to imitate your pose at the last second.

I present to you....Manternity Photography.

Never a dull moment with this one, I tell you.

Other things making me laugh...


Have a great weekend!

August 14, 2012

Hump Day Bump Day :: 34 Weeks

Photo by Sean
Dear Baby Girl,
Mama's getting tired. We are so close to meeting your sweet face. I remind myself of this anytime it hurts to roll over in bed, to stand up or bend over. Soon it will all be traded for rolling over and scooping you up in the middle of the night out of your pretty bassinet, bending over to look at your face while you sleep, and getting down on the floor to play and discover the world with you.

Every time you move around, I am reminded that soon enough you'll be on the outside, snuggled up on my chest or in my arms. I know I'll miss having you all to myself on the inside, but I can't wait to introduce you to the world. There are so many people who can't wait to meet you.

As ready as I am, I also hope you cook right up until you are due to arrive. I am going to be selfish for a minute here and request this time I have left with your daddy, just the two of us, so I can savor it. You're going to bring a whole new life to our little family, a whole new way of doing things. I just need a little bit more time to let this life of just Daddy and I slip into the past. It's like an amazing chapter in a book. You are excited to find out what comes next, but you are savoring each last word of the last paragraph before it's time to turn the page.

You have a fierce spirit, I can tell already. You love to kick me and stick your butt out and do "drum solos" on my insides. It makes me laugh and still catches me by surprise. But you also have a quiet side. It's like you know when it's someone else's hand on my belly, hoping to feel you move. You get shy. Are you playing a game? I hope you love to be held, because there will be many people wanting to hold you. Please don't fight it. Just snuggle in and enjoy it. As fast as these 8.5 months have gone, so will the time when you are small and able to be held. And then you'll be walking and running and I am pretty sure you'll be unstoppable.

We're doing our best to be ready for you, to embrace you and make a home for you. I am trying to rest so your last few weeks in there are comfortable and calm. I have a feeling the world will be shaken up when you are born. But for now, calm and quiet, scattered with kicks and drum solos.


Your Mum

August 13, 2012

Monday Randoms

The better the weekend, the harder it is to go back to work on a Monday.
I need to constantly check my boobs and belly for crumbs before having a conversation with someone.
I made a crock pot of chili yesterday, my first time making it, and I'm pretty sure I rocked it in the face. It was sinus clearing, belly stuffing, thank-the-good-Lord-we-have-buttloads-of-cornbread chili.
I am looking forward to being able to take a bath without overflowing the tub.
There's nothing better than having a funny husband. We are always laughing. It's the best.
Van's Gluten Free Apple Cinnamon Frozen Waffles? A+.
Loki has decided that the baby's contoured changing pad is the best place in the apartment to sleep. He is in for a very, very rude awakening. 

Cheers to a new week! Let's make it a great one.

August 8, 2012

Hump Day Bump Day :: 33 Weeks

Top is from Kohl's last summer, non-maternity
Baby Girl's Development (according to

Baby is weighing in at a little over 4lbs (Baby Girl is probably more like just over 5lbs) and about 17 inches long. She is gaining approximately half a pound a week and her skin is less and less wrinkly as she gains baby fat. Her skull is not fused together, which allows for her head to pass through the birth canal. It will not be fully developed until adolescence to allow for brain growth and development.

She is still kicking and moving around a lot. Sometimes I wonder if she's turning somersaults in there. I have a check up tomorrow and hopefully my weight gain is back under control, and then we can look forward to another growth ultrasound in 2 weeks to see our little munchkin!

Baby Bucket List?

Remember I made a list of things to do this summer before the baby arrives? I thought I'd revisit it and see how we're doing for progress.

1. Day trip to a beach back home (me: swim/float pregnant in the ocean) Haven't spent a whole day at the beach, but I did do a nice morning engagement shoot at one a couple weeks ago, and we've gotten three weekends in a row in a pool. I consider that not too shabby.
2. Go see Batman: The Dark Knight Rises and The Amazing Spiderman on opening night at midnight. Eat popcorn and drink Cokes.
3. Learn to make homemade ice cream. Maybe this weekend. I have a recipe from Pinterest in mind.
4. Day trip to NYC to go to the top of the Empire State Building. Get some frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity. We didn't do the Empire State Building or Serendipity, but we saw Harvey and had a really nice dinner. 
5. Sean's addition: "Sleep." Have some lazy Sunday mornings where we don't get out of bed until the afternoon. Ha!
6. Spend a weekend camping and/or do a good day hike. Haven't gotten to it. I am settling for short walks on days it's not dreadfully humid.
7. Day trip or overnight to Block Island. Yeah, no. Not going to make it.
8. Get to a Sox game at Fenway. Probably not going to happen. We might have to go to a Bridgeport Bluefish game instead. Womp wooomp. 

1/4 of my bucket list complete....oh well! Summer isn't over, and in all honesty, we've been having a great time, whether it's been visiting friends and family or just having lazy days at home. Sometimes the joy is found more in the simple, unplanned days.

7 weeks to go... 

It feels so far off, but also like it will be here, um, tomorrow. We are very excited to meet our little girl and introduce her to the world. I have a couple friends due around the same time and it's very exciting anticipating when labor will begin, what it will feel like, hoping that it's a relatively easy delivery.

While I am excited to meet her, I am in no hurry for her to come early. I hope she cooks for as long as she needs to in there and comes out when she's good and ready. I've had quite a few people say with hope that maybe she will come early. She might, but I am completely fine with going straight to my due date. A lot of important development happens in the last couple weeks, and while I know she's be fine if she's early, I am in no rush. I am not going to take any measures to try to go into labor early. The only way I see her coming early is if induction becomes necessary due to her size. In the meantime, keep cooking, Peanut!

Having said that, I think we're fairly ready. We have everything we need, and plenty of stuff we don't need but are grateful to have. Anything left is little stuff that I want to do, like make her crib skirt and add a couple finishing touches to her room. I also need to wash her newborn and 0-3 clothes, and think about packing a bag for the hospital. It still feels too early for that, though. I put a couple nursing tank tops and a pair of flip flops in my tote bag, and now it's sitting on the floor like a time bomb, waiting to be grabbed and run out the door. I think I will put it in her room and get to it in the next week or so. And I'm sure if things happened sooner than expected, we'd be fine.

Looking forward to...

Weekends free of traveling anywhere.
A visit from my mom and gram next weekend.
A visit from my best friend Labor Day weekend.
Less humid days. This week has been awesome
Putting away summer dresses and bringing out the cozy sweaters.

August 1, 2012

Hump Day Bump Day :: 32 Weeks

There is a light at the end of the tunnel!

I may be alluding to the birth canal, I'm not sure. But if you ask me, I think this little one would rather attempt an exit through my bellybutton. Oye.

7.5 weeks to go, and I am feeling it. A day trip to my parents' house last weekend showed me that 8 hours in a car in one day is not a good idea, even if the destination promises burgers and familiar faces. This coming weekend, I have 2 shorter trips to make for a barbecue and a baby shower, and then I am putting myself on 1-hour radius lockdown. Besides not wanting to spend hours in the car 8 months pregnant, I just need the next few weeks to be calm, quiet, and get stuff done around the house that I've been putting off.

A peaceful night's sleep is a thing of the past that I look forward to experiencing again someday maybe a year from now. Even locking Loki out at night, I still need to rock myself out of bed at 3am to empty my bladder. I sleep with my pillows between my knees than under my head, and if I slightly lean onto my belly, Baby starts knocking on my belly into the mattress. Hey ma, you're squishing me here! Move!

I am getting large and wobbly, and starting to feel uncomfortable in my skin. People are very nice and supportive, though. A coworker of mine, bless her heart, told me that I looked like a graceful ballerina yesterday, referring to my hair up in a bun. I asked her if she was referring to the dancing hippos in Fantasia.

Third trimester pregnancy = no more filter.

So as to not have a 100% complainy post, I would like to share with you a little slice of heaven. Sean and I spent some time over the weekend working on Baby Girl's room, and it is about 90% done. I cannot wait to share it all with you, but that will have to wait until she is here. But for now...