September 16, 2011

Fiesta Friday!

I'm not really having a fiesta (although I am going to a bachelorette dinner and there will be much sangria consumed), but Friday always seem like a little holiday to look forward to each week. It's a day to celebrate the end of a work week and to look forward to the weekend. There are two whole days ahead of me full of fun, but even if I had zero plans, I'd still celebrate getting through this week.

I have been a bad wife lately. I skipped a couple weeks at the grocery store, and found myself eating too many carbs. Like, too many. I love my bread and sandwiches and pasta and pizza, and it's all good and fine, but there was a severe lack of veggies. I found myself complaining to my friend Nicole that I haven't been eating enough veggies, and she matter-of-factly told me "well, buy more veggies!"


I took that lunch hour to go for a nice long walk in the park and then another nice long walk through the Farmer's Market. I picked up a lot of fresh veggies and some fruit, and yesterday Sean prepped and cooked a whole chicken in the crock pot, which is always a nice solution to saving a few dollars and eating a nice, light meal.

Last night I threw together a fiesta of a meal using some of the staples I bought for the hurricane. I had a pouch of pre-cooked brown rice and a can of black beans to use up, so I heated up some green pepper, jalapeno, red pepper, and scallions in a pan with some salt, pepper, EVOO, celery seed, paprika, garlic, and crushed red pepper. I put that aside in a bowl and heated up the beans, and then did the same with the brown rice, adding a 1/2 cup of chicken broth from the crock pot to moisten the rice a bit.

It was an easy meal and got me back into the swing of cooking and feeling good about what I'm eating. I only used the two chicken breasts for this meal, so I'll be using the rest of the meat tomorrow to make chicken pot pie!

This week marks one year since this little bugger came into our lives. I can't put into words the joy he brings us. And the laughter.

I love waking up to his sweet little face, even if his paws are digging into my ribcage and he's meowing at me because my alarm went off 30 minutes ago and I haven't gotten up to feed him yet. He paces across the two of us and then settles into the nook of my arm for a 3 minute nap. It's pure snuggly bliss.