May 24, 2011

Gluten Free Buns!

Sean and I are big fans of Udi's gluten free products - they are leaps and bounds at the top of the list of gluten free brands that deliver products that taste great, have great texture, and are the most easily found in your local grocery stores. Sean excitedly told me a few weeks ago that Udi's announced they would be coming out with gluten free hamburger buns - just in time for summer and grilling season! We love grilling, and we've tried a few different buns in past years, however the all seemed to fall under the "keep frozen until ready to eat - then toast the crap out of it!" category.

When Udi's sandwich bread and bagels came on the market, we were delighted that there was finally bread that didn't require freezing and toasting. It tasted and felt like "real" bread. So for a while, anytime we wanted to make burgers, we opted to use Udi's bagels for a bun. While the bagels tasted good and were more substantial than the poor excuses for gluten free burger buns out there, it would sometimes be "too much bread" for a burger. While the bagels are a good size for well, a bagel, we've still looked forward to the day when a great quality burger bun would come on the market.

Now we have hope!

As I am sure you've found with many gluten free products, it can be hard to find a grocery store that has sufficient distribution of your favorites, especially if they're relatively new to the gluten free world. I received this message in my email today, and encourage you burger lovers to keep an eye out in your grocery stores and if you don't see these buns on shelves or in the freezer section with other Udi's products, make your voice heard!